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RGM Events

"Move your brain"

October 2024

Module 1 - Introduction Course

Dates to be announced per locationn:

Chestnut Ridge, NY

Philadelphia, PA

Minneapolis, MN

San Diego, CA


Text/Voice  (858) 668-8366

$500 registration fee

Maximum 20 registrants

Module 2 - Ground Course
Planned for Spring 2025

This introductory course is open to:

  • Music Therapists,

  • Speech Language Pathologists,

  • Occupational Therapists,

  • Recreational Therapists,

  • Physical Therapists and

  • Health and Education Practitioners.

This course served as the foundation to experience the method and its seven basic movements to stimulate and improve motor skills, memory, processing speed, attention, and coordination, as well as having many beneficial effects of bilateral integration.

The Ground course (next level) is planned for the spring of 2024 for those interested in learning all 19 movements and implementing them into choreoscores to teach to your class/audience.  

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