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RGM Links and Videos

"Move your brain"

RGM Demonstration

This is a Parkinson's workshop which serves as a brilliant demonstration of the method being conducted by Ronnie himself.

Ronnie - "A drummer is playing four rhythms with his four limbs. Each is playing it's own rhythm. The RGM builds movement in all four quadrants of the body in rhythm. The music is uplifting and makes people feel good. That's the beauty of it."

It's worth watching to the end!

RGM Netherlands can be found at  

Flash mob for Ronnie Gardiner

Five years ago, jazz drummer Ronnie Gardiner came to the Netherlands for the first time to train RGM Practitioners. There are now more than 200 practitioners in the Netherlands who apply this cheerful method in healthcare and education, among others. On May 23, 2018, RGM Netherlands wanted to put Ronnie in the spotlight to commemorate 5 years of RGM in the Netherlands. The flash mob shown here is the result of this. An entire restaurant surprised Ronnie with an impromptu RGM "session" right there in the restaurant!  A great demonstration of the Method!

Ronnie:  "It was a Tuesday. I didn't know anyone there! People came from all over Sweden on a Tuesday! I was completely surprised!"

Ronnie Gardiner Quartet

Ronnie plays an amazing solo starting at the 4:33 minute mark.  His energy is living proof that his method works!

Ronnie Performing RGM

This is advanced for certain!  Ronnie and his friends doing
a choreoscore from memory as a demonstration.

The story and science of the RGM Method

Note: the interviewer asks questions in Swedish, but Ronnie answers and tells the science and stories in English.

Demonstration to the Social Administrative Meeting in Sweden - how many people are in this group?  Sweden has embraced the RGM for their medical recovery and healthy aging.

Links to information about the RGM around the world

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