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Become a Practitioner

"Move your brain"

Who can become a practitioner?

The training courses are excellent for anyone who is looking for a varied and interesting addition to their treatment of people with diseases of the central nervous system. The method can be integrated into an individual 1: therapy session or in a group setting. Therapists or teachers who work with children within a school or health facility can also use the method. The RGM can also provide new stimulation for senior centers  or care homes.

Welcome are:

  • Music therapists

  • Speech therapists

  • Physiotherapists

  • Occupational therapists

  • Trainers

  • teachers and educators

  • Special education teachers

  • Support teachers

  • Senior Center Activity Directors

A certain affinity for music and a feeling for rhythm are certainly an advantage in order to be able to lead the group as a practitioner. In addition, course participants should have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in practice.

For questions about becoming a practitioner, please do not hesitate to contact us (or see contact form under Contact) .

The Path toward Becoming a Practitioner

The RGM is a valuable tool for anyone who works with individual clients/patients and/or groups with disorders of the central nervous system and who is looking for additions and enrichment within his or her field in addition to existing treatment methods.  RGM Practitioners come from fields such as healthcare (hospitals, rehabilitation centers, private practices) and education (teachers, remedial teachers, educational assistants).  

The training to become an RGM practitioner consists of two modules: module 1, the introduction  , and module 2, the Ground Course  with certification. After completing Module 2, you will have sufficient tools to put together a varied program for all conceivable target groups. 

Click the music note -bottom right corner - for audio.

Click on the musical note icon to hear audio of Ronnie teach!

Watch Ronnie teaching Module 1

Click on the musical note icon to hear audio of Ronnie teach Module 1!

While it is necessary to take both the first 2 modules to become a certified RGM Practitioner, taking Module 1 initially is a great way to experience RGM first-hand and find out if you would like to become a certified practitioner... and it's fun!

There is also third module available to a few which provides further depth into the RGM. Participation is reserved for practitioners who have a minimum of 1 year of active experience with the method. 

Module 1 (Introduction Course)

  • First 7 basic movements

  • Theory and Practice

  • Focus on body percussion

  • Lecture about Neuroplasticity 

  • RGM movements to nursery rhymes

  • Basic music analysis

  • Team 'choreoscore' of the 7 movements plus the rest

  • RGM training for children

  • RGM Phantom exercises

  • Practice on own groups for a minimum of 8 sessions

  • Course evaluations

  • Access to the 7 colored coded movements

  • Module 1Introduction course certificate signed by Ronnie Gardiner.

Module 2 (Ground Course)

  • Additional 6 movements totalling 13 movements

  • Memory exercises

  • Theory and Practice

  • Line Dance

  • Magic five exercises & visualization

  • The carrot

  • Walking to different rhythm exercises

  • Team 'chorescore' of the 13 movements

  • RGM training for children

  • Individual presentation with critique

  • Access to the additional 6 colored coded movements

  • Ground Course certificate signed by Ronnie Gardiner

  • Preparation for the advanced course

Ronnie Gardiner Method in the US is planned

Module 3 (Advanced Course)

Module 3 is trained in the Netherlands at this time.

  • Additional 6 movements completing the total of 19 movements

  • The Ronnie Gardiner Method exercises for dyslexia

  • Memory exercises from the ground course

  • Foot balance exercises

  • Preparation for designing logical musical patterns

  • The Ronnie Gardiner Method exercises for mathematics (children)

  • Team 'choreoscore' writing of the 19 possible of RGM movements plus the rest

  • Individual presentation with constructive critique

  • Access to the additional 6 final colored coded movements

*RGM Master Practitioner certificate signed by Ronnie Gardiner

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